Reykjavik Rocks

Your Luxury Agent in Iceland

We deliver high end, customized luxury. Complete tailored experience for Iceland whether it is rejuvenation and relaxation, a family trip, a romantic break for a couple, an individual only or a party experience – we can cater to your every need.

Reykjavik Rocks is the complete personalized experience.

Reykjavik Rocks was founded 2009 by Unnar Helgi Danielsson who has extensive experience in managing tailored events in Iceland and London.

We have worked with many groups of people from corporate and educational backgrounds to celebrity and well known public figures.

We also cater for bachelor and bachelorette parties plus weddings, anniversaries, film productions, location and set finding – any event can be created by Reykjavik Rocks.

Our concierge phone is also available 24/7. Please see the number on the site to call.

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Our concierge phone is available 24/7!

+354 691 3350

Please contact us for a fast response via email:


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